We are a tech-driven real estate agency and assist value-seeking investors, landlords, and tenants achieve superior results by offering guidance that is based on both integrity and solid market fundamentals.KIREB is one of UAE’s leading real estate companies.

We are focused on providing objective, real-time insight to our clients. To do this KIREB has developed its own proprietary Oracle-based technology that is several steps ahead of the rest of the market. At the same time, rather than being a generalist, we focus into key regions in the UAE, giving our agents even deeper focus and insight. This combination of technology and human intelligence gives our clients an unparalleled ability to make better decisions faster.

KIREB has built its reputation on absolute integrity. It’s not just a marketing phrase or an empty value. It’s an approach that lies at the core of who we are and why we do business. We were founded in 2018 during the very worst of the global economic crisis. Since then, we’ve proven time and again that our clients buy from us because of our superior insight, but they return to us because we’ve earned their trust.

Better technology. Better values. It’s our approach that has proven to deliver better results

Mission By 2025, KIREB strives to become UAE’s undisputed and favorite real estate brand. We’ll achieve this by treating our people with uncommon appreciation, our clients with uncompromising integrity, and the market with unanticipated innovation. In so doing we’ll become the standard by which every other real estate agency will be measured.


To redefine what investors, landlords, and tenants in the UAE expect of real estate agents. We’ll do this by providing our clients with:

  • The smartest agents in the market
  • A tech-driven approach
  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Proven results over the long-term

Our Promises to Our People

We understand that taking the time to be more knowledgeable than the competition isn’t easy and requires a serious effort on your part.

We also understand that operating uncompromisingly out of integrity means foregoing short-term opportunities that could yield significant returns, which requires you to compromise our ethical standards.

Therefore, we promise you three things:

  • We will always provide you with the most powerful and user-friendly technology available anywhere, in order to allow you to learn your markets faster and to stay up-to- date more easily.
  • We will create payment structures that pay you more than any comparable real estate companies, as a means of reinforcing our commitment to absolute integrity.
  • As our reputation for intelligence, integrity, and proven performance grows, everyone will share in our company’s prosperity, not just a select few.


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